Boost your cybersecurity career with your unique superpower | Cyber Work Podcast

Kolide CEO and founder Jason Meller discusses his time at FireEye and how he moved up so quickly in this clip from the Cyber Work Podcast. Jason talks about the importance of being nimble, working solo versus in a team and how you can draw on your unique talents to add a new superpower to your organization.

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Jason Meller is the CEO and founder of Kolide. Jason has dedicated his career to building products and tools that enable security experts to successfully defend western interests from sophisticated and organized global cyber threats. He started his security and product career at GE’s elite computer incident response team, led by Richard Bejtlich (the father of modern network security monitoring). From there, Jason moved to the legendary Mandiant corporation (acquired by FireEye) quickly working his way up from an entry level analyst position to becoming the Chief Security Strategist. As Chief Security Strategist at FireEye, Jason was responsible for rapidly building products and services with an engineering strike team to facilitate and grow high-profile partnerships and key strategic initiatives.

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