Biggest cybercrime trends heading into 2023 | Guest Paul Giorgi

Paul Giorgi of XM Cyber helps us wrap up 2022 by discussing some of the most unusual and complex attack paths he and XM have seen in the past year. We discuss some of the most common breaches and methods, as well as several attack paths that are the very definition of “taking the scenic route,” which is, of course, why they worked so long. Also, tune in for some great advice about getting involved in risk management and access management.

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0:00 – Unusual attack vectors in 2022
3:00 – First getting into cybersecurity
6:35 – What is a sales engineer?
11:50 – Average workday as director of sales
15:30 – Strangest attack vectors of 2022
20:08 – Lessons learned in 2022 cybersecurity
22:06 – DoD and zero trust
24:32 – Successful security attacks
31:30 – The uber breach and security landscape
36:01 – Smart cars and cybersecurity
39:03 – Working on cybersecurity solutions
42:21 – Learn about XM Cyber
46:27 – Learn more about Paul Giorgi
47:04 – Outro

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