Better cybersecurity practices for journalists | Cyber Work Podcast

Marcus Fowler, senior vice president of strategic engagement and threats at DarkTrace, talks about attack vectors currently facing embedded journalists, their need to be available at all times for potential sources and how that openness makes them, their company and their confidential sources potential attack vectors for cybercriminals. Fowler talks about security hardening strategies that don’t compromise journalistic availability, the work of threat research and why people with natural interests in cybersecurity will have their career path choose them, not the other way around.

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0:00 – Cybersecurity threats to journalists
3:00 – Getting into cybersecurity
5:50 – CIA cybersecurity training
7:18 – Joining DarkTrace in engagement threat roles
10:22 – Tasks with engagement threat jobs
13:22 – Cybersecurity work balance
17:49 – Advanced persistent threats against media
23:33 – Attack vectors journalists face
26:14 – Journalist cybersecurity savvy
28:08 – A truly secure journalism source
32:58 – Damage from a compromised source
36:05 – Main cybersecurity threats right now
38:37 – Qualifications needed to work as a threat researcher
42:52 – Safe cybersecurity jobs
47:05 – What is DarkTrace?
49:06 – Learn more about Marcus Fowler
50:11 – Outro

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