Behind the scenes of ransomware negotiation | Guest Tony Cook

Tony Cook of GuidePoint Security knows a lot about threat intelligence and incident response. But he’s also used these skills while working in ransomware negotiation! Cook has handled negotiations for all the big threat groups — REvil, Lockbit, Darkside, Conti and more — and he told me about what a ransomware negotiator can realistically accomplish, which threat groups are on the rise, and why negotiating with amateurs is sometimes worse and harder than dealing with elite cybercriminals.

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0:00 – Ransomware negotiating
2:42 – How Tony Cook got into cybersecurity
4:00 – Cook’s work at GuidePoint
9:31 – Life as a ransomware negotiator
11:41 – Ransomware negotiation in 2022
13:52 – Stages of a successful ransomware negotiation
15:23 – How does ransomware negotiation work?
19:11 – The difference between threat-acting groups
20:43 – Bad ransomware negotiating
22:43 – Ransomware negotiator support staff
25:21 – Ransomware research
26:26 – Is cyber insurance worth it?
29:14 – How do I become a ransomware negotiator?
32:25 – Soft skills for a ransomware negotiator
33:46 – Threat research and intelligence work
37:45 – Learn more about Cook and GuidePoint
38:17 – Outro

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