Beginning a data governance strategy | Cyber Work Podcast

In this clip, Rita Gurevich, CEO and founder of Sphere Technology Solutions, provides helpful thoughts and strategies on pursing and implementing a data governance strategy.

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As the CEO and Founder of Sphere, Rita Gurevich is charged with leading the strategic growth of the organization in providing business critical governance, security and compliance solutions to customers spanning multiple geographic locations and industry verticals.

Gurevich founded Sphere after gaining a massive amount of experience in a short time period during the Lehman bankruptcy, the economic downturn of 2008, and the enhanced regulatory environment that dominated the industry. Being in a unique position from this experience, Gurevich founded Sphere as a single contributor, and worked strategically to grow the company into the entity it is today.

Gurevich is the recipient of multiple honors and awards including recognition from her Entrepreneurial skills from Ernst & Young, and SmartCEO, along with being on the 40 Under 40 list in 2017. In addition, Gurevich sits on the Board of Directors for the New Jersey Technology Council.

This week’s topic is data governance strategies in 2021. As more of what we do goes online and into the cloud, and as more people need access to information, making sure that entrance points aren’t more accessible than they need to be is more important than ever. We’re going to talk about the issues around this topic, and also job strategies for people who want to do this type of work.

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