BAHAMUT: Uncovering a massive hack-for-hire cyberespionage group | Cyber Work Podcast

A very special co-host joins today’s episode of Cyber Work! Infosec founder and CEO Jack Koziol stops by to meet Eric Milam and dig into BlackBerry’s work on a massive research project about the threat actor group BAHAMUT. Eric discusses how their research found connections within a group that targets everyone from Indian oil tycoons to Middle Eastern government officials, the key skills his research team needed to do the work, and what the dinner-table conversations are like when you’re aggressively pursuing a nation-state attack group.

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Eric Milam is the VP of Research Operations at BlackBerry where he and his team track malware threats and threat actors. During his time at BlackBerry, he discovered and published the details of numerous emerging threats and malware variants actively being exploited in the wild. Prior to joining BlackBerry, Eric was a highly regarded penetration tester and frequent conference speaker, widely known for his red-teaming exploits.

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