Bad data privacy protocols can become an identity fraud disaster | Guest Stephen Cavey

Stephen Cavey, co-founder and chief evangelist of Ground Labs, talks about the jagged jigsaw puzzle of data collection, data privacy and the dozens — if not hundreds — of privacy regulations and frameworks that govern them. Cavey and I talk about the bad old days of indiscriminate data collecting and grossly insecure payment process. We also address the places where the privacy experts of the future will shape the use and protection of personal data in all industries.

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0:00 – Bad data privacy protocols
2:36 – How Stephen Cavey got into cybersecurity
4:55 – Shifting into cybersecurity privacy
8:30 – Business hurdles in cybersecurity
13:10 – Why do companies store my data?
20:20 – Breaking cybersecurity privacy law
25:45 – International privacy laws
28:07 – A universal privacy doctrine
31:30 – Principles for collecting user data
34:22 – Skills for working in data privacy
37:44 – Data privacy officer work
39:25 – The future of data collection and privacy
42:08 – What is Ground Labs?
43:30 – Learn more about Cavey and Ground Labs
43:43 – Outro

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