Attack surface managers and the state of attack surfaces | Guest Dave Monnier

Dave Monnier of Team Cymru talks about the state of attack surfaces, the strengths and shortcomings of attack surface managers and why something we refer to as a “soft” skill might be the hardest skill of all! Plus, we touch on shadow IT.

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0:00 – Attack surfaces
2:55 – Dave Monnier’s first interest in cybersecurity
7:30 – Instinctual cybersecurity learning
9:20 – Monnier’s work as a chief evangelist
14:00 – Cybersecurity soft skills
16:30 – What are attack surface managers?
28:25 – ASM 1.0 to ASM 2.0
32:22 – State of attack surfaces
34:58 – Asset infrastructure in your business
40:00 – Key skills cybersecurity novices need
43:07 – Learning in cybersecurity
45:42 – Learn more about Team Cymru
47:19 – Outro

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