Ask us anything: Security awareness, behavior and culture (part 2) | Cyber Work Podcast

The final episode in our two-week long daily series includes four guests from the past two podcasts: David Hansen, Senior Analyst, Corporate IT Security & Compliance for Brookfield Renewable; Dan Teitsma, Information Security Specialist/Program Manager for Amway; Donna Gomez, Security Risk & Compliance Analyst for Johnson County Government in the State of Kansas; and Tomm Larson, Cyber Security Awareness Lead at Idaho National Laboratory. Our guests, along with moderator Tyler Schultz, answered questions that were sent in live during our virtual Infosec Inspire conference in September, including topics like the changes in awareness strategies in the face of mass work-from-home scenarios due to COVID, key traits to look for when hiring security awareness storytellers, and more.

Thanks for joining us for this 12-episode series. We’ll return on Monday with our normal weekly episodes.

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