3 keys to a successful cybersecurity startup | Cyber Work Podcast

What are the keys to building a successful cybersecurity startup? In this clip from the Cyber Work Podcast, Raju Chekuri of NetEnrich shares some of the best practices he’s discovered throughout his career, from starting with the right team to finding the right product market fit to dealing with investors.

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Raju founded NetEnrich in 2004 after a successful IT career as an entrepreneur, visionary and business leader in Silicon Valley. He has led the company’s growth as SaaS for digital operations while innovating for AIOps and cybersecurity solutions. Raju is currently the chairman of the board at OpsRamp, a spin-off from NetEnrich. Previously, he founded Velio Communications, Inc., and led it to its acquisition by LSI Logic and Rambus in 2003. Raju earned an MBA at St. Mary’s College of California and a Bachelor of Technology at Kakatiya University.

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